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The problem of pill swallowing has been solved and a viable product is on the market for consumer use. After years of research and development the Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup was introduced to the public in June of 2003. This product was invented and perfected by a Medical Products Design Engineer formerly with the Johnson & Johnson Company.Order Oralflo - The Pill Swallowing Cup

Having seen members of his own family suffer the anguish of pill anxiety, he decided to solve the pill swallowing problem and bring a product to market that would help others. Having a degree in Mechanical Engineering and an extensive working knowledge of plastics in the medical products area, the engineer began 2-1/2 years of exhaustive research and development until the finished product was ready for market.

The design for the Oralflo™ Pill Cup employs pure simplicity, using the force of water to propel a pill into your mouth. The cup is a simple, two part design with no moving parts to break or wear out. The bottom piece is a simple container to hold liquid. The top snaps tightly over the entire cup surface to seal it. The lid has a molded mouth piece that also functions as the pill basket where the solid medication, pill or tablet, is placed. The mouth piece bottom or grill holds the medication above the water in the cup so the two do not come in contact until you tilt the cup to drink. Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup

The mouth piece is also angled back away from the user for two reasons: First, this allows the water and pill to mix before the liquid and pill combination reaches your mouth. Second, the angle provides a more comfortable motion so less tilting of the head is required to allow the water to flow into your mouth. This is an added benefit for people who suffer from back and neck mobility issues or are reclining in bed as frequently occurs in hospitals and nursing homes. This creates a natural drinking motion that allows the user to swallow solid medication virtually unnoticed.

The Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup is the first and only product to effectively address the problem of pill swallowing. At last, the revolutionary and patented Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup from Oralflo™ Technologies, LLC is available to everyone and suitable for adults and children ages 4 and above. It has come to the aid of millions of people who otherwise would continue to choke, gag, and suffer trying to take medication.

This patented device is the property of Oralflo™ Technologies, LLC in Bridgewater, New Jersey, and is registered as a Class 1 Medical Device with the FDA. This product and the EZ-PillCup are only available from Oralflo™ Technologies, LLC.


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