Oralflo Technologies, LLP Promotes Simple Solution to Pill-Swallowing Problems

Raritan, New Jersey  “August 19, 2013” In a new TV and media campaign, Oralflo Technologies, LLP unveiled a limited time promotional offer that invites adults and children with pill-swallowing difficulties to try the Oralflo™ Pill-Swallowing Cup risk-free for 30 days, at a promotional rate of $9.95 plus shipping and processing. The campaign is designed to invite people with pill anxiety to try the product with the reassurance of a 30-day money-back guarantee.

“More than 43 percent of Americans suffer from pill swallowing problems,” says Roger Heilos, the inventor of the product. “The Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup provides a new way for adults and children to swallow pills with ease. The device works with the throats swallowing reflex to allow people to ingest vitamins and medications without choking and coughing.”

The device is the only one of its kind in the marketplace. Its unique anti-stickspout makes certain that the pill and the liquid do not meet until they combine in a patients™s mouth. The angled mouthpiece extension helps pills glide easily down without excessive tilting of the head. The cup is designed primarily with a patients™ safety and comfort in mind.

Helping People to Take Pills as Prescribed

Pharmacists recommend against crushing or splitting pills, especially coated tablets or time-release medicated capsules. Yet, many adults and children cannot swallow pills as prescribed. Oralflo Technologies, LLP has developed a unique solution that lets people swallow pills comfortably without resorting to messy pill cutters or splitters. The unique design allows people to swallow pills simply by placing the pill in the spout and tilting the cup back slightly to drink normally.

Many customers have already benefited from the Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup:

  • Andy Smith, a customer from from California wrote to say, “I am a retired police officer (injured on-duty), and I had to have a few surgeries following my injury. As a result of these surgeries, I was prescribed a large amount of pills to take over a several year period. Because I cannot swallow pills, I ended up chewing most of them. To make a long story short, since most medications contain HCL (acid), the dentin that protects my teeth was completely eroded I had to have a complete oral reconstruction, which cost approximately $80,000 and took over 3 years to complete .ALL of that could have been avoided if I had your Oralflo cup back then.”
  • Jennifer Kramer, a CPNP wrote to say “I recently began working with a young girl with spina bifida and advanced kidney disease who requires a large number of daily medications. She has been unable to swallow pills and was having to consume large quantities of liquid medications that were neither palatable nor easy to administer. She finally decided to try the Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing cup and has begun to slowly switch her liquid medications to the pill form. We are delighted!”

Registered with the FDA as a Class I Medical Device, the Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing is also patented and trademarked as a professional healthcare product. Although the device is not meant to diagnose or cure a disease, it may help with pill swallowing difficulties and anxieties.Order Oralflo - The Pill Swallowing Cup

About Oralflo Technologies

Founded in 2003, Oralflo Technologies, LLP exists to help people with dysphagia or pill-swallowing anxiety to consume pills properly. The company offers comprehensive advice to parents and caregivers alike seeking to help their loved ones take medications as prescribed.

For more information, visit the website at www.Oralflo.com or contact Roger Heilos, President and CEO of Oralflo™ Technologies, at 888-843-1631 or sales@oralflo.com.


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