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People Did Not Take Prescriptions Properly
“The staff at my clinic sees over 3,000 patients a month and we are noticing an increase in the number of people who do not take prescriptions properly because of a general fear of swallowing a dry pill. We purchased some of your Oralflo cups and the feedback from patients who suffer from pill anxiety has been amazing. We now recommend solely the Oralflo cup to all our patients who express any fear of swallowing pills.”
— Dr. A. Webster, San Diego, CAOrder Oralflo - The Pill Swallowing Cup

It Should Be In All Children’s Hospitals!
“I love your cup–we already have 3! My 7-year-old has been fighting cancer for 4 years now. I want to make a suggestion that you send samples to childrens’ hospitals–I took one to Stanford (where my daughter is treated) and they had never heard of or seen your cup!!!! I think they should have them in all the childrens’ hospitals!”
— Teresa Genauer, Salina, CA

This Pill Cup Worked So Well
” This pill cup worked so well we gave the information to our Oncologist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Ohio and they are going to order a bunch for their cancer floor. Thanks again.”
Lou Byers

It Worked Miracles With My Son
“We received one through St. Jude Hospital and it worked miracles with my son so I’m ordering another one for my mother and a friend.”
— Kristi Mason, Harrod, OH

It Arrived Just In Time
“Thank you so much for the Oralflo pill swallowing cup. We love it! It’s amazing. It arrived just in time for us to include information about it in our quarterly newsletter to our >500 clients. We are so pleased to be able to share the news with our clients about this ingenious solution.”
— Michelle Gerencser, North Logan, UT


This Will Make Life Much Easier
“I recently began working with a young girl with spina bifida and advanced kidney disease who requires a large number of daily medications. She as been unable to swallow pills and was having to consume large quantities of liquid medications that were neither palatable nor easy to administer. She finally decided to try the Oralflo Pill Swallowing cup and has begun to slowly switch her liquid medications to the pill form. We are delighted! This will make both her life and our medical management much easier with the increased availability of medications in pill form. I just ordered 3 more cups for future patients…”
— Jennifer Kremer, CPNP

Having My Mother Choke On Pills Is One Less Thing To Worry About
“Six months ago we had to put my 84 year old mother into a nursing home. Since she has always had dry mouth, I purchased one of your Oralflo Pill Cups to help her with the many pills she has to take. It was not long before the nursing staff wanted to know more about this cup and where they could get it for other patients. Having my mother choke on pills is one less thing we worry about now. Thank you.”
— Katherine Applegate, Maple Grove, MN

My Son Is Achieving Autonomy
“I wanted to send a quick ‘thank you’ regarding your fantastic invention! Since the diagnosis of my son Patrick having Down Syndrome, I have made it our goal to overcome great odds and accept the impossible. Patrick’s inability to swallow pills was an impossibility for him until I introduced him to his cool new Oralflo Pill Swallowing Cup. Patrick is eleven and I surrendered to the fact his oral anatomy would forever prevent him from swallowing pills and I would always have to hide his pills in applesauce. I am a huge advocate in Patrick achieving autonomy and this is another step in the right direction. Thanks!”
— Shelly Clark, Perisurgical RN, Richmond, VA

I Need One For Use At School
“The cup is working out so well with my son (who has autism) that I need to order another one for use at school.”
— Robyn Coggins, Palmdale, CA


The Oralflo Cup Works!
“I did not think I would ever get my 6 year old to swallow a pill. The Oralflo cup WORKS! What a relief. Thank you so much for the cup and the fast delivery – I ordered on a Sunday and had the cup on Wednesday.”
— Sherri Peppo, Metairie, LA

My Son Was More Shocked Than I Was!
“[My] 7 yr old son with Autism… is 7 yrs old and receiving biomedical treatment which involves alot of tablets, capsules and bitter tasting liquids. He has a lot oral sensory issues and has quite a bit of trouble with swallowing. I was skeptical about the cup working for him but thought it was worth a try since there was a money back guarantee.

Well, to my amazement he swallowed the first tablet we tried with no problems at all! I think he was more shocked than I was! He got the biggest smile on his face and seemed so proud of himself. He even uses the cup for some of his liquid supplements that have a bitter taste or oily texture. The cup helps to get the liquid down quickly with less yukky taste. I can tell because he doesn’t make the awful faces he used to. I’ve recommended this cup to a few other parents as well as his Doctor and they all ordered today (I think his doctor ordered 3 for his son). Thanks so much!!”
— Angela Short, Aliquippa, PA

Our Six Year Old Could Not Swallow His Pills Whole
“Thank you for this cup! We just got it as our 6 year old who is on the spectrum for Aspergers just could NOT swallow his pills whole. I gave it to him tonight and he didn’t even comment that the pill was in his mouth! I will be telling the other parents we know who are struggling with this problem as well!”
— Jerry Donohue

My Son Takes Supplements
“I really want to thank the Oralflo team for making such a great product. I have a six year old son on the autism spectrum. He is on a whole bunch of supplements. Until last week, I had to open up capsules, mix them in juice and chase him around the house to get them in. But, now I have Oralflo. I would highly recommend it to anybody. Life has really changed in the last 10 days, because he is swallowing capsules. Our whole family is excited about it. I started out with the smallest capsule and now, he is able to get even the bigger ones very easily. It saves me a lot of time.

Thanks Again For An Excellent Product.”
— Meenakshi Ramesh

My Son Has ADHD
“My son has ADHD and was having difficulty swallowing his medication. After trying your cup, he said he was easily able to swallow the pill. He actually told me “I don’t like taking my medicine, but I know it’s really important. The cup helped me to be able to take my pill without choking.”
— Susan Guthry, Montgomery, NJ

Our Son Is In Chemo
“My son goes back to the hospital in 3 days for more chemo, and these cups work! Thank you again. I really do like your cups. I wanted one for the house, one for the car, and one for his ‘hospital bag’; that is why I ordered so many.”
— Kristi Koury, Carson City, NV

My Son Is Eight And Has Special Needs
“[My son] is 8 years old and has special needs and takes medication each night. Our psychiatrist recommended that we try this cup as his medication is not available in a liquid. We tried it for the first time tonight and it worked perfectly and he was so proud of himself. This will make our lives so much easier since we won’t have to worry about having jelly and a spoon wherever we go as this was the only way he was able to take his medication before. We are hoping that eventually he will learn to swallow the pills on his own without the cup. Thanks again.”
— Deborah Laven

My 8 Year Old Refused To Take Any Pill Whatsoever
“My eight year old would simply refuse to take any pill whatsoever. I would feel so guilty as a mother because when she was sick unless I could get a liquid prescription, there was nothing I could do for her. My neighbor bought one of your Oralflo Cups for her kids and suggested that I do the same. Now she can swallow any pill we give her. She doesn’t seem to see the pill she is taking or feel it in her mouth. Even my husband and I have tried it. This cup is truly going to help alot of people.”
— Cindy Adams, Hendersonville, NC

What A Relief The Oralflo Pill Cup Has Meant To Me!
“As a mother of three children ages 5 through 12 I can’t tell you what a relief the Oralflo pill cup has meant to me. I just fill the cup with their favorite juice, drop the pill in the spout and they sit in front of the TV and drink from the cup and don’t realize they have taken a pill. And the cup continues to work as a sippy drink cup. Thank you, Oralflo!”
— Rosemary Cozarra


It Has Been Wonderful For My Dad Who Has Dementia
“It has been wonderful for my dad who has dementia, and now I am getting one for my friend who has trouble swallowing pills!”
— Dee Anne Holcomb

My Father Is Now A Believer
“Just wanted to express our thanks for such super fast service on a product that works great! My father, who is 81 years old and does not believe things work, just received it today and took his noon medicine with ease and comfort. He is now a firm believer in your product. Thank you for having a product that works great and is made here in the USA!”
— Elaine Cullis, Bradenton, FL

Our Granddaughter Is Age 13 And Has Cerebral Palsy
“I received the Oralflo I ordered last week two days ago. I wanted to write to thank you for creating this wonderful product. Our granddaughter is age 13 and has Cerebral Palsy. Since she had to begin taking pills, she has had serious issues taking her medication with the eventual end being her shoving pills down her own throat. She was VERY skeptical that your cup would work. Although I have no difficulty taking pills she asked me to use it first. I had her drop the pill in the spout and took it without hesitation. When it was time for her medication, she tried it and of course, IT WORKED! She was totally surprised!!

I have shared the information with her fellow students who also have C.P. via Facebook. I was surprised you didn’t have a Facebook page. Maybe you should think about it to get the word out. I also want to thank you for manufacturing your product in the U.S.A. We need more companies such as yours to keep or bring back their business.”
— Rae Sook, grandmother of a very happy Noelle!

My Grandson Is Autistic
“My grandson is 7 and is also autistic. He had difficulty taking his meds but with this cup, he has no problem whatsoever. Thanks.”
— Joann Goodfellow, Dupo, IL

My Grandson Takes Supplements
“My 10 year old grandson has been taking supplements for 4 years and we have been crushing them twice a day. He can now swallow his tablets with this wonderful cup. Wish I had known about it all along.”
— Patti Reed

Adults Taking Multiple Pills

I Start Each Day By Taking 14 Pills
“I am 68 years young and start each day by taking 14 pills, some of them horse pills, which takes me a minimum of a half hour, with some starting to dissolve before I get them down while my husband telling me I look like a pigeon drinking water.

I received my “Oralflo” pill swallowing cup this AM and was a little skeptical at first that something that looked like a kids cup would work but I have no idea how it does it but less than 10 minutes later I was all done no after taste or gagging . It’s easy. I even combined some pills together. I love it.

Thank you for coming up with this wonderful idea and any suggestions for using it for multi multi multi pill taking.”
— Irene Mancini, Palm Springs, CA

Sometimes, It Takes Me 8 hours To Get Them All Down
Finally someone has designed a product to help pill sufferers like myself. I have struggled for the past 50 years every day to swallow my daily medication only to choke and usually gag the pill back up. I am now 72 years old and take 11 different pills every day that would sometimes take me 8 hours to get all down. I found Oralflo through a friend and now I take all my pills in a matter of minutes without gagging. This little cup has truly changed my life and I thank you.”
— Bernice Tobin, Atlantic City, NJ

Adults with Pill Anxiety

It Was Impossible To Get Pills Down
“About a year and a half ago I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Since I have always had trouble swallowing pills, I opted to try diet and exercise first. You know how that goes – didn’t work well enough. Eventually I admitted defeat and started taking medicine. I knew it would be the nightmare. It is nearly impossible for me to get any size pill down. I had tried every known “trick” but nothing really worked. I would eventually get them down, but sometimes it involved wasting one or two before I could make it happen.

Then one day my doctor, knowing my problem, got all excited and ran out of the office. Someone had dropped off a sample of one of your pill swallowing cups and she gave it to me to try. I’m telling you now, I just knew it was not going to do any good! I was absolutely convinced of that!! But I went home and finally gave it a try. To my total shock, it actually worked!! Granted, the particular pill I was taking was quite tiny – but it worked!!! I was so happy I could hardly wait to tell the doctor.

Later, they prescribed another medicine, and this time the pills were huge. I was once again convinced that although the cup worked with a tiny little pill, it would never work on this huge one! And I had to take two of the darn things. But I was game and the next morning I gave it a try.

Again, much to my amazement, the cup worked like a charm. My faith was restored!.”
— Pam Farnsworth, Southwest Harbor, ME

I Would Choke And Have To Try Again
“I wanted to let you know that the Oralflo cup has made such a difference for me. I have to take 2 large tablets twice a day for the next year and before I received your product I was having great difficulty in swallowing them. In fact, many times I would choke and have to try them again. This was very frustrating and stress producing. Now with the Oralflo cup I can take them with no problems at all. An amazing product. I am surprised that you have not marketed it to Walgreens, etc. I will tell all my friends how well it works. Thank you so much.”
— Earl Owen, Lake Charles, LA

I Was Embarrassed To Tell My Doctor
“I am an adult — and was always embarrassed to tell my Doctor that I could not swallow a pill. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t do it, and so I did a google search and your website came up. I ordered it, it came so quick which was awesome. I followed your directions and it truly is a waterslide for a pill. I was so proud of myself and it has opened up a whole new world for me with medication choices.
I ordered two more for my family. I really think you should get on the news with this because it is fantastic! Thanks again!!”
— Elizabeth Snyder, Utica, NY

I No Longer Suffer Fear And Embarrassment
“A month ago I purchased one of your pill swallowing cups for myself and loved it so much that I have since gotten 6 more to send to other family members. I no longer suffer the fear and embarrassment of choking while trying to swallow a simple aspirin.”
— Marvin Mendelbaum, West Palm Beach, FL

Adults Using Pill Crushers or Splitters

Chewing Pills Left Me With Major Dental Problems
“I am a retired police officer (injured on-duty), and I had to have a few surgeries… As a result of these surgeries, I was prescribed a large amount of pills to take over a several year period. Because I can not swallow pills, I ended up chewing most of them. To make a long story short, since most medications contain HCL (acid), the dentin that protects my teeth was completely eroded. Once this
happened, I began to have major dental problems. Every single one of my teeth began to deteriorate in size, to the point that they eventually became little “stubs”. I had to have a complete oral reconstruction, which cost approximately $80,000 and took over 3 years to complete. I had endodontics (root canals), periodontics (gum surgery), orthodontics (braces), and prosthodontics
(rebuilding my teeth and smile back to normal).

Just to think… ALL of that could have been avoided if I had your Oralflo cup back then. I thought that I would never, EVER be able to swallow pills. But thanks to this product, I can now swallow anything—no matter what size it is. IT IS A MIRACLE FOR ME!!!”
— Andy Smith, Pleasanton, CA

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