A Difficult Pill to Swallow?

Multivitamin Program Difficult to Swallow and Follow

Often a good multivitamin program requires that you take a number of capsules and pills throughout the day. For some people, though, swallowing pills can be a real problem that makes such programs difficult to follow.

Fortunately, there are many easy methods you can try if swallowing pills poses a problem for you (I wish I would have known all of this when I was kid and my mother was trying to make me swallow a pill or capsule).

Trouble Swallowing? Head in the Right Direction

Swallowing capsules can sometimes be difficult since they have a tendency to float. Most of us tilt our heads back when trying to swallow one, but this allows it to “float” to the top, which is at the front of your mouth. This makes the capsule even more difficult to get down your throat.

Next time, after placing a capsule in your mouth and taking a small sip of water, try tilting your head slightly forward and then swallow.

If a Pill Gets Stuck, Go Bananas

For those pesky pills that get caught in your throat, eat a banana. Bananas have just the right mushy, smooth consistency to dislodge and carry it into the stomach.

When a Gag Isn’t Funny

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Pill swallowing problems usually stem from an over-sensitive gag reflex. There is one way to “fool” the reflex.

Next time you take your vitamins, try drinking the water you wash them down with from a soda bottle. Keeping your lips in contact with the bottle, use a sucking action to drink from the bottle. The swallowing reflex is triggered automatically by pursing the lips and sucking. Distilled water works fine, but carbonated water works even better.

By the way, this is a good way to get children to swallow pills also.


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