Are Supplements Really Safe?

Dietary supplements were not responsible for any deaths in 2009, according to the U.S. National Poison Data System. The system is composed of data from 60 poison centers across the United States. The American Association of Poison Control Centers published a 200 page annual report in the journal Clinical Toxicology, which showed that multivitamins, B vitamins and vitamins A,C,D, and E were not the, cause of death in any Americans. Furthermore, amino acids, herbs and dietary mineral supplements did not cause any deaths.

Only two deaths by mineral poisoning were reported, and they were not caused by supplements. Instead, sodium salt poisoning and iron salt poisoning were to blame for these two deaths.Order Oralflo - The Pill Swallowing Cup

More than 50% of Americans take nutritional supplements every day. If each of these people were to take only one pill daily, 57 billion pills would be taken per year. Taking into consideration some of the negative feedback that supplements have faced in the media, it is significant that no deaths resulted despite the extremely high number of doses being taken a year by the American public.

Bill Spear, R.Ph., CCN is a Compounding Pharmacist and Certified Clinical Nutritionist. He is available for personal nutritional consultations at Hazle Drugs, 1 E. Broad St., Hazleton, Pa. 18201 570-454-2476


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