Oralflo™ is a Professional Healthcare Product

The Oralflo™Pill Swallowing Cup was designed especially for people who have difficulty swallowing pills and medications. It is a professional, patented, healthcare product registered with the FDA and it is being used by hospitals, doctors, and consumers worldwide.Order Oralflo - The Pill Swallowing Cup

Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup is patented, trademarked, and registered with the FDA as a Class 1 Medical Device. Although it is not intended to diagnose or cure disease, it may help with pill swallowing difficulties or anxieties. The Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup has no moving parts to break or replace.

  • Designed to Help You Swallow Pills and Medications: The Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup helps you swallow medications or vitamins easily, without stress or discomfort. The revolutionary design assists the natural swallowing reflex and prevents pills from sticking in your throat or to the cup. The device will accept all size pills currently on the market and is ideal for timed release and coated pills.
  • Works for Ages 4 and UP: Designed for children ages 4 and up, adults, and seniors. The Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup can help anyone has trouble swallowing pills or medications. Click here for Pill Cup Testimonials.Patented Mouth Piece allows the user to drink their solid medications.

The Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup allows the user to simply drink pills of any size safely and naturally, eliminating the need to place a dry pill in your mouth.



  • Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup Accepts All Size Pills: The Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup accepts all size pills currently on the market today, both prescription and over the counter. Pill sizes can range from small tablets, timed release capsules, and even “horse-size” pills.
  • Eliminate Crushing and Splitting Pills Forever: Most pills are designed to be swallowed whole and breaking, crushing, or splitting pills may reduce the effectiveness of the medications. The Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup eliminates the problem of splitting and crushing pills.

The Perfect Solution for Time Release and Coated Pills

Timed release pills work because the outer coating slowly breaks down in your body once it is ingested. Most pharmacists and doctors will tell you that these types of pills must be swallowed whole, never altered. If you break or crush a timed release pill, it is absorbed into the blood stream all at once instead of gradually over time, as it is designed to do. People who crush or break timed release pills in an effort to swallow them more easily run the risk of overmedicating themselves. But thanks to the Oralflo™ Pill Swallowing Cup, timed release pills can be taken properly with NO difficulty in swallowing.

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